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Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF)

Universities across the country provide a wide range of services intended to help businesses and the community. Knowledge exchange, as these services are described, takes many different forms – from licensing intellectual property to providing cultural events for the community, and from continuing professional development programmes to working with local authorities on regeneration schemes.

To help businesses, local government, charities and community groups find universities with particular strengths in these areas of knowledge exchange Research England has developed the Knowledge Exchange Framework – a part metrics, part narrative based survey of where the strengths of individual universities lie.

The KEF is not a ranking, and it assesses relative strengths in relation to other institutions of the same broad type by analysing clusters of institutions. Middlesex is in Cluster E.

What are Middlesex’s strengths?

Middlesex’s KEF profile points to areas of real strength. We are,

  • In the top 20% for skills, enterprise and entrepreneurship support
  • In the top 20% for IP and commercialisation
  • In the top 30% for local growth and regeneration support.

How can I find out more about Middlesex’s strengths in knowledge exchange?

A dedicated KEF website allows you to find out more about Middlesex’s knowledge exchange work. It gives access to detailed narratives – statements about how we do this work, who to contact and what to expect.

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